Meet the Leadership Team: Monica Gorski

Over the next few weeks, the Leadership Team will be sharing brief introductions to our work with SURJ, along with a resource (or several!) that we have found helpful along the way, or would recommend to folks new to racial justice work. Without further ado, meet Monica:

New to La Crosse in 2014, I was uncertain if this community was the right fit for me. I had discovered SURJ national while researching online and heard good things about them from activist friends in other parts of the country. I was disappointed there was not a local chapter in La Crosse and felt unsure how I would be able to start a group when I didn’t know anyone here. I felt disempowered, anxious, and ill-equipped to do much on my own.


I started getting involved in La Crosse grassroots organizing in the 2016 primaries, which led me to meeting many incredible people, some of whom became my best friends. Through those relationships, I was connected to other local people working for racial justice, and when I heard about a meeting to discuss starting a SURJ chapter, I was excited to attend. After that meeting, I started hosting meetings, and I felt increasingly convinced that this values-based manner of organizing for change was the kind of work I was meant to do.


Our chapter has grown, shrunk, shifted, and grown again, with relationships deepening and trust in our community building. I continue to learn more and more about white supremacy and its relationship to patriarchy, imperialism, and capitalism, and I am grateful to be part of this emergent collective of conscious beings working together for liberation.


Most resonant influences:

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